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Systematic Reviewing 3.0


Tuesday November 13 we organize the symposium Systematic Reviewing 3.0.

Scopus search of researchers working at Utrecht University who published with ‘systematic review’ in the title.

Systematic Reviews are “top of the bill” in research. The number of systematic reviews published by researchers increases year after year. But performing a sound systematic review is a time-consuming and sometimes boring task. You can make use of tools to work efficiently and of support offered by the library. New developments like text mining, applying R for meta analysis and funding options might improve systematic reviews even more.

The Systematic Reviewing 3.0 symposium is both for novices and experts in systematic reviews. In the morning you can get acquainted with how to perform the ‘perfect’ systematic review, its different phases and the tools available. In the afternoon we will discuss future developments; will machines take over?

This symposium is part of the project titled Automated Systematic Review, funded by the Innovation Fund for IT in Research Projects.